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Absorene works like an eraser that absorbs dirt, dust and grimy film from the paper objects such as books, documents, prints, wallpapers, tapestries, ceiling tile, blinds and paintings. It is also an excellent cleaner for cloths such as lampshades, textiles, and cloth bound books. Available in a large 15oz reusable container.



  • Absorene , book and paper cleaner , absorbs Dust – Dirt – Smoke – Film . Brings your books back to looking new again , used to get the grimeoff the dust jackets and pulls the dust off the paper.
  • Absorene Paper & Book Cleaner, the "Pink Ball of Magic," is a putty-like dry cleaner that works in much the same way an eraser does and is routinely used in conservation work.
  • A small amount is kneaded in the hands until soft, rubbed lightly in one direction on the soiled surface, then reshaped to freshen it for additional cleaning.
  • Crumbs will be produced here as well. Because it conforms to the shape of the surface being cleaned, Absorene may also be useful for removing dust or dirt from text block edges.
  • Non-toxic putty-like cleaner is perfect for use on paper, dust jackets, book covers and book edges. Roll it gently in one direction and brush away any remaining crumbs. Re-sealable 15 Oz container.

How to Use: For use, soften putty in hands (adding a little water if product has dried out) and wipe the surface working in one direction. Crumbs left behind can be vacuumed or brushed away. As with all cleaning products, please test carefully before use. Simply wipe the surface in one direction. Absorbs dirt, dust or smoke film from most papers while it cleans. Easy to use instructions included.

Capacity/Weight: Large reusable container of 15 Oz. It's a Magic Ball to clean many of your things!

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